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APESCTLE builds on the more conventional PESTLE tool, adding Academic and Cultural Impact to those of Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Ecological.

This tool supports the broad consideration of the aims of research activity and the impact it intends to achieve. It also provides a way of considering some of the components of that activity if it is to be successful. For example, it could be used to consider the Technical and Legal impact of research, even if  it was primarily concerned with Cultural or Social change.

In terms of using this method in your own work APESCTLE is largely a way of breaking down, or segmenting the results of a brainstorming session and enables the itemisation of the various different forms of impact, or indeed, research outcomes more generally that you are hoping to achieve in the course of a particular project.

This framework can also be used in conjunction with Stakeholder Mapping. Combining these tools will help the consideration of different stakeholders in each of the areas of your Research or Impact activity, for example, making sure legal stakeholders, or policy makers, are involved alongside academic colleagues as part of your planning processes.