Musings about involvement in research…

Almost every research funding application will now have a section asking about involvement,  be it “patient and public involvement”, “public involvement” or “user, carer, practitioner involvement”. The first response for some will then be what does the funder want me to write. For others it’ll be I will have an advisory group with one carer, […]

Blogging… a piece of cake… isn’t it?

 I’ve been meaning to blog since April… I have 5 or 6 drafts of different blogs exploring some of the findings and themes emerging from the SCEiP project, and another few post-it notes with thoughts for other blogs… It’s now August and I haven’t quite managed to finish those drafts and post the blogs (probably […]

Consider impact early

There is a recurring theme in the posts on this blog that relates to planning, timing and impact activity. One of the six lessons highlighted from the SCEIP project was to plan, another was to consider your audience, yet another key message is around incorporating creative knowledge exchange methods into research proposals. The common learning […]

A balancing act? Academic impact versus practice impact? Really?

In considering all of the issues and queries that have arisen throughout the SCEiP project, perhaps one of the ones that still surprises me is the “but I can’t do both” statement. The idea that it’s not possible to achieve both academic and practice impact, and that researchers have to focus on activities to generate […]

Myth Busting Knowledge Exchange Methods

Back in November we held a one-day conference to share and deliberate on the learning from the SCEIP project. You can watch the videos from the plenaries at that event by clicking on the link. The day included three workshops which were opportunities for participants to debate and discuss in more detail. One of these […]

The SCEiP project …. And six lessons (to date…)

About 29 months ago we set out to revolutionise the way in which knowledge was exchanged in social care, particularly between researchers and professionals… OK not quite what we were officially intending; we just wanted to explore what worked and how to remove the barriers that seemed to exist (or where believed by some to […]

Where the website idea came from #sceipimpact

In July 2014, the SCEIP project together with NIHR School for Social Care Research held a residential event for Early Career Researchers working in social care and health. A small, select group of PhD students, researchers and pracademics came together for two and a half days to discuss knowledge exchange and impact, what they meant and why they […]

Welcome to the Social Care Research Impact Website

Welcome to the Social Care Research Impact Website. It’s been a really interesting process designing and developing this site, which is built on some workbooks and workshops conducted as part of the SCEIP (Social Care Evidence in Practice) Project led by PSSRU @ LSE. We received strong feedback that having the contents of printed workbooks […]