Fifteen Ingredients for a Successful Research Proposal

Scroll down to see Prof. Martin Knapp's advice for a successful research proposal with links to supporting tools and resources for each stage in the process from the Social Care Research Impact website

Be able to answer: Why you? Why now?

Here are some tools to help reflect on why you and your team are best placed to deliver this research, and to map out the process by which you plan to deliver the research:

Meet funder's requirements and be explicit about how you respond to commissioning calls and guidance

Here are some tools and approaches to support you to more readily fit with funders requirements:

Use robust methods and ensure the study is feasible - pragmatically, ethically, methodologically and skill-wise

Here are some methods and approaches to ensure that your research is well managed:

Ground the research questions in the literature

Make clear that you build on what is already known

Engage potential subjects of the research as early as possible in the research process

Be clear on planned outputs from the research. Plans for knowledge exchange and impact are essential

Demonstrate your previous research was completed, published and impactful. Show that you can deliver

Request all the resources you need for research and impact. Demonstrate value for money

Make time to reflect and revise before pressing 'Send'