Stakeholder Mapping

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A stakeholder map is a visual or physical representation of the various groups and individuals involved with your research. The creation of a stakeholder map ensures that you have an awareness (and record) of potential influencers, collaborators, partners and other players to consider throughout your research and impact activity.

  • Draw up a list of all stakeholders, consider internal and external parties, not forgetting to focus on end users of your research
  • Sense check your list with a colleague, end user of research, or network member who works in the same area
  • Identify the interests and motivations of each stakeholder to incorporate into the map
  • Draw up a stakeholder map that clearly shows the relationships and interactions between stakeholders (you may find it easiest to use post it notes and map onto a wall in the first instance)
  • Keep a visual record that is as clear, simple and as engaging as possible.