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A storyboard is a series of sketches, drawings or pictures that visualise a sequence of events. They can be useful in planning activity for identifying key messages and points. Storyboards can be used by an individual as a solo activity, or by a group collaborating around impact activity.

  • Commonly pictorial storyboards are drawn as comic strips, with sketches of activity with visual cues, to gain insights into the experience represented
  • Storyboarding can also be used by academics to outline a structure and narrative for written work; software is available to assist eg Scrivener but it is also possible to use post it notes or pen and paper
  • Identify key themes from your work, separate out one per flip chart paper. Identify stakeholders (see Stakeholder Mapping), detailed evidence relating to the overarching theme, and other relevant information (eg methods of engagement) and write onto post it notes.
  • Use the post it notes as a prompt, adjust them as further themes emerge and use them to plot your narrative or argument in your paper, chapter or report.