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VMOST stands for:
– Vision
– Mission
– Objectives
– Strategy
– Tactics

Analysing activity in this way helps clarify what you are trying to achieve (the mission and objectives) and how you will achieve this (the strategy and tactics).

Vision: an aspirational statement of the purpose of the research department or programme. How does it make the world a better place? How does it contribute to knowledge (for help targeting the vision, see What is Impact).

Mission: the rationale and direction for the research department or programme. This is a structured plan for how the vision will be achieved in the long term.

Objectives: the goals that particular research activity within a department or programme aims to achieve.

Strategy: the medium- to long-term plans and actions that will enable the objectives to be achieved.

Tactics: the detailed, short-term plans and actions that will deliver the strategy. Tactics represent the individual impact and research activities that form the basis of the day to day work of individuals conducting research in the department or programme.