Where the website idea came from #sceipimpact

In July 2014, the SCEIP project together with NIHR School for Social Care Research held a residential event for Early Career Researchers working in social care and health. A small, select group of PhD students, researchers and pracademics came together for two and a half days to discuss knowledge exchange and impact, what they meant and why they mattered.

In preparing for this residential we compiled a printed workbook. The workbook contained tools and exercises to support people to think about impact, their research practice and stakeholders, and different methods of knowledge exchange or engagement.

In the final session at the residential we were discussing how things could be improved and a call was made for a web version of the handbook content. This is where the idea for this website was born.

In an attempt to make this information as widely applicable to social care and health as possible, we have tried to adapt the content and tone slightly so it is not just focused on Early Career Researchers. While invariably useful for that group, we hope that the information, tools and methods contained within this website will be as useful to other groups who are looking to coproduce research together, to ensure all those who are interested can participate within the research and impact processes.

This is very much the beginning. We are looking for people to share the methods that they themselves use to create impact in social care and/or to share the tools and methods that they use to manage the impact process. In time we hope to incorporate more case studies and examples of how the methods work in practice.

We hope that the current content will inform and inspire. Please take some time to look around the site and let us know how well it does that. Please also join us in growing the site. Thank you.

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