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Films can be used to present information and share messages in a visually engaging and accessible way. They can be used to share information and engage people early in your research process or to share findings and disseminate the implications at the end.

Depending on your resources, strategy and intended audience you may wish to produce films yourself using a camera or mobile phone or commission a film maker to produce a higher quality, more polished product. Preparation is key, whichever approach you choose:

  • Decide whether you intend to script, film and edit yourself or find a film maker to work with you
  • Identify your target audience and consider the style of film they are most likely to engage with
  • Devise a strategy considering what you wish to achieve and who you wish to communicate with
  • Identify your key messages and devise a plan for your film (see Storyboarding)
  • Film, edit and launch your final product