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Visual notes

Visual notes are a useful way of capturing key messages in visual form. Note taking occurs in real time, at a conference, meeting or presentation and the image(s) produced are the artist’s interpretation of what is shared. The visual note consists of reactive pieces for key concepts shared that when viewed together give a feel for the overall […]

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Films can be used to present information and share messages in a visually engaging and accessible way. They can be used to share information and engage people early in your research process or to share findings and disseminate the implications at the end. Depending on your resources, strategy and intended audience you may wish to […]

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Infographics are an engaging way of making data accessible and easy to share. Used to present numbers and words visually, they can be particularly useful at making numbers impactful and complementing text heavy reports. An infographic artist or designer will distil key take-away points and convey them in a visually appealing way. Find someone who can produce […]

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Journal Club

Journal Clubs are a great way of supporting your research to reach a new audience. It is unlikely that you will have reason to establish your own journal club but there are some steps that you can take to make it easier for your work to be used at existing ones. Identify an article about […]

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Comics can be an excellent way of visually presenting key research information, findings or discussion points. You need to be specific about the information you wish to share and what audience you intend to target. The exact process that you go through will depend on your illustrator or cartoonists methods. You can reasonably expect to: Break […]

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Lightning Talks

There are many different versions of lightning talks that you could use e.g. Pecha Kucha or Ignite, what they all have in common is that the time available to present and engage your audience is usually no more than 5mins, and never more than 10mins. Condensing what you have to say into five minutes takes […]

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Meet the Researcher

As researchers, with expertise in specialist areas, we can sometimes underestimate our own value and worth to the world at large! Traditional academic impact work has focused on sharing learning with academic peers, this method aims to reduce the barriers of connectivity to experts, for the general public or wider stakeholders. A meeting could take […]

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Online Discussion

There are many elements of the research and impact process that can benefit from an online discussion e.g. collecting ideas or input, sharing progress, planning dissemination activity, sharing findings. Pretty much any point that could be helped by a discussion, could benefit from an online discussion. The added advantage of holding that discussion or conversation […]

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Photo Exhibition

Holding a photo exhibition may prove to be a useful tool for impact, especially if you have involved research participants in taking photographs. It can also be useful if your research involves people sharing images, or if you make a visual record throughout your project. There are a number of considerations to preparing an exhibition, […]

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Academic poster sessions are usually held at conferences, meetings or symposia. They are often the first step onto an academic publication ladder. Identify what information you need to relay on your poster and why it is relevant to the audience Posters should capture someone’s interest, not answer all their questions. Think of them as an […]