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Academic poster sessions are usually held at conferences, meetings or symposia. They are often the first step onto an academic publication ladder.

  • Identify what information you need to relay on your poster and why it is relevant to the audience
  • Posters should capture someone‚Äôs interest, not answer all their questions. Think of them as an abstract with a little more detail, not a full report
  • Ensure you are aware of the final dimensions (for physical posters) and resist the urge to cover your poster with words – use bullets and white space, do not just shrink your font to squeeze more words on!
  • Include images, graphs, diagrams and photos wherever possible (start collecting these early in your research process)
  • Prepare an information sheet to accompany the poster and prepare for what you expect to be frequently asked questions in a formal poster session
  • Ensure that your name and contact details are visible, include your social media handles if possible, this will facilitate meeting in real time at the conference