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Infographics are an engaging way of making data accessible and easy to share. Used to present numbers and words visually, they can be particularly useful at making numbers impactful and complementing text heavy reports. An infographic artist or designer will distil key take-away points and convey them in a visually appealing way. Find someone who can produce […]

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Journal Club

Journal Clubs are a great way of supporting your research to reach a new audience. It is unlikely that you will have reason to establish your own journal club but there are some steps that you can take to make it easier for your work to be used at existing ones. Identify an article about […]

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Online Discussion

There are many elements of the research and impact process that can benefit from an online discussion e.g. collecting ideas or input, sharing progress, planning dissemination activity, sharing findings. Pretty much any point that could be helped by a discussion, could benefit from an online discussion. The added advantage of holding that discussion or conversation […]

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Academic poster sessions are usually held at conferences, meetings or symposia. They are often the first step onto an academic publication ladder. Identify what information you need to relay on your poster and why it is relevant to the audience Posters should capture someone’s interest, not answer all their questions. Think of them as an […]

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Twitter is a micro blogging social network that limits updates to no more than 140 characters. Like any social network the benefits only become clear after investment of time and effort in building your network and contacts (see Network Building), however it can be a great way to reach new audiences, or specialists in your […]

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Book Sprint

A relatively simple idea, where the skill is in the successful facilitation and collaborative approach to delivery. Book Sprints attempt to turn the process of book writing on its head, creating a focus and purpose, setting parameters and producing a book in a very short period of time (3 to 5 days). Book Sprints are […]

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So What? Summary

Usually you will write an end of study report for your research, and an executive summary. A So What? Summary would compliment these, translating the research findings into useful implications. People want to know that rigorous research is available, but they do not necessarily want to read it all themselves. Your So What? Summary should contain enough […]

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Podcasts have grown in popularity in recent years as an easy way for people to access information. The term podcast refers to a downloadable series of audio or video files. They allow research information to be accessed at the listeners convenience e.g. while in the gym or travelling, and consequently social care practitioners report that […]

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Blogs are online websites made up of a series of discrete posts. They have grown in popularity over the last decade and are increasingly being used as support for conducting research, gathering information and opinion, and sharing expertise. A good tool for individual, project or departmental use. Building your digital footprint is highly recommended as a way to […]