Visual notes

SCRI Icons_Visual-Notes

Visual notes are a useful way of capturing key messages in visual form. Note taking occurs in real time, at a conference, meeting or presentation and the image(s) produced are the artist’s interpretation of what is shared. The visual note consists of reactive pieces for key concepts shared that when viewed together give a feel for the overall event.

  • Book a visual note taker in advance of your event and provide them with as much background information as they require
  • Some graphic facilitators prefer to draw on paper in full view of participants, others may prefer to note take using a computer – be clear about how your note taker works so you can prepare in advance
  • Try to avoid using jargon, acronyms and specialist language (a good habit to get into)
  • Identify in advance how you will share your visual note
  • A visual note is a brilliant way of capturing key information, but it should complement other outputs, not replace them in their entirety