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Blogs are online websites made up of a series of discrete posts. They have grown in popularity over the last decade and are increasingly being used as support for conducting research, gathering information and opinion, and sharing expertise.

A good tool for individual, project or departmental use. Building your digital footprint is highly recommended as a way to build your own reputation and credibility, while also developing your writing and communication skills.

  • Set up your blog. Your university may require that they host it, or you may need to set it up yourself, check WordPress or Tumblr if you do
  • Establish it as early in the research process as possible
  • Plan how frequently you are going to blog, and what you will use it for; a blog can be a good support for conducting and disseminating research, but it does require time set aside for it
  • Once you’ve written a post, share it with your network (see Network Building) and encourage comments and discussion
  • Ensure that you use tags to increase chances of people finding your work and search engines archiving your content
  • Add your blog address to your email footer and powerpoint template to build readership.