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While they can be stand alone events in their own right, workshops are often used alongside Conferences or Unconferences. The key to a good workshop is that they utilise a group of interested people in the room, to do the work.

  • Identify a theme or topic that you wish to focus on e.g. it could be the context in which you are researching, or a specific nuance of your study, or the application of your findings to practice
  • Prepare an introductory presentation but aim for it to use no more than 20-25% of the time available
  • Plan interactive activities for the remaining time, allowing participants time to introduce themselves and engage in discussion of topics that are relevant to them – you’ll need to be flexible, don’t try to control too much
  • Consider how to engage with workshop participants in advance to allow extra time for planning e.g. you could send them a survey to ascertain their interests and skill level