Meet the Researcher

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As researchers, with expertise in specialist areas, we can sometimes underestimate our own value and worth to the world at large! Traditional academic impact work has focused on sharing learning with academic peers, this method aims to reduce the barriers of connectivity to experts, for the general public or wider stakeholders.

  • A meeting could take place face-to-face, in a presentation or seminar environment, or online
  • Try to identify as many opportunities as time allows, maybe start with one a semester (this method can prove particularly useful to ECRs who wish to improve their networking or presentation skills)
  • Identify key stakeholders (see Stakeholder Mapping) who may be interested in you or your work – try to think of groups on the periphery of your research study e.g. schools, care homes, book festivals, carers or advocacy groups, charities or campaigning organisations
  • Make contact offering them the chance to meet with you; you could offer to give a presentation about your work, lead a debate or question and answer session, or just join them for coffee
  • If you wish to hold an event online, identify the platform you wish to use (it could be a blog, a twitter chat, a discussion with a facebook group), contact them with your suggestion
  • Prepare, attend and follow up with any contacts you make (see Network Building)