Photo Exhibition

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Holding a photo exhibition may prove to be a useful tool for impact, especially if you have involved research participants in taking photographs. It can also be useful if your research involves people sharing images, or if you make a visual record throughout your project.

There are a number of considerations to preparing an exhibition, and preparation is key.

  • Identify your visual concept – what do you want to achieve?
  • Secure an accessible location, this could be a gallery or museum space, or a more community based location such as a local café, shopping centre, prison or health centre
  • Choose your images, print, frame and identify how best to hang or display in the venue. Some written clues about what the image portrays, who supplied it, why it is included can be helpful
  • Construct a media plan (see Twitter and Blogging) and spread the word
  • Most exhibitions hold an opening night, be sure to invite your research participants and funders along, as well as other key stakeholders (see Stakeholder Mapping)
  • You may also wish to hold themed nights where you discuss certain elements of your research, methodology or findings (see Meet the Researcher).
  • If budget and time allows you may wish to produce a hard copy programme that contains the photographs exhibited (and any you did not have space for) with further information
  • If you do not have a programme, ensure you have further information about your study available for people and collect attendance information if possible (see Network Building).